Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Isabelle update

Yesterday, early in the morning, just as I woke up to get ready for school, I received an e-mail.
It was an automatic letter from MarineTraffic, announcing that Isabelle had left Turku. I had prepared for that moment, and I was happy that it didn't come at any other time, because just two days before I had finally got the MarineTraffic app on my phone. I kept tracking her during the whole day, until I saw from her course that she was going a bit too far east to be heading for Riga, so I checked her destination, and I was very happy to see that it was Tallinn.

I immediately told the news to my friend, and we were very happy, because although Isabelle will soon serve in Latvia, we would get to see her afterall. We were only wondering where in Tallinn she would be staying.

Isabelle arrived at half past 5 in the evening, to a very good spot in Old Tallinn Harbour. It seemed obvious that Isabelle wouldn't leave by the next day, since it's not very wise to make a huge loop just for one short stop. It was now or never, so I'm pretty sure my friend and I weren't the only ship lovers out taking pictures today.

Isabelle from Terminal A
Isabelle from the shore
In addition to Isabelle, I took several good photos of other vessels too. 

Star at Tallink HQ
From the left: MS Viking XPRS, MSV Botnica, MS Isabelle and MS Finlandia. 
Finlandia the big bad car-eating beast
and Viking XPRS next to her
Finlandia's sister Superstar leaving
Finlandia's funnel and top decks from Terminal D
MSV Botnica, a fancy icebreaker
Departing Finlandia, and some seagull. 

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