About This Blog

I created this blog in March 2013 as a full-on ship blog to parallel my old life blog. The two blogs peacefully co-existed for about half a year until the ship part of my life became so dominant that I decided to put the old blog to rest. As a result, over the years I've felt the lack of a space where to write down my non-ship writings, and thus the writings on this blog have become more personal. And currently my aim with this blog is to write down my life that still has very much to do with ships, but also many other things.
The Facebook page for the blog was opened in May 2014.

The majority of the photos posted are my own; other photos will be credited. The exception being some of the very first posts of this blog, being from times when I did not have so many photos of my own to post and wouldn't have claimed any of the posted photos as my own.

All the designs of the blog throughout times have been done by myself, except for the water on the background, which is one of the background images provided by blogger.

Header May 2014 - August 2016

In case you have any questions, inquiries or just something to say that doesn't quite fit in the comment form under a particular post, feel free to contact me through the form on the left side of the blog or through Facebook.