Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ship Profiles 5: Allure of the Seas

Name: MS Allure of the Seas
IMO number: 9383948
Built: 2010
Lenght: 362m
Beam: 65m
Draught: 9,3m

Tonnage: 225,282 GT
Type: Cruise ship
Speed: 22,6 knots

Decks: 16 passenger decks
Capacity: max. 6,296 passengers
Sister: Oasis of the Seas
Status: In service

Allure of the Seas, along with her sister Oasis of the seas, is mostly known for being the largest cruise ship in the world. Allure is actually some 5cm longer though, probably caused by temperature changes at the shipyard. There have not been any major events during her career, except several dangerous crossings during her voyage from Turku, where she was built, to her home at Port Everglades in Florida. The most notable of them was passing under the Storebaelt bridge. She had to pull in her funnels, and according to some sources, there was only 30cm of water under her at some point, which is not true though. There was actually several meters of it. Her operator, Royal Caribbean, recently announced a new class of cruise ships, first one to be finished next year, but they will not beat the size record. There have been several projects and discussions of possible new cruise ships larger than the Oasis and the Allure, but so far nothing very serious has been announced. A cruise ship as large as her obviously fits a lot, but I will not describe it all in text, because it will get too long and boring. Instead, here's some pictures for you to enjoy. 

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  1. I fully agree that Allure of the seas is just massive. I have once visited her when she was getting finished at the shipyard, totally worth it!
    I doubt a bit that anything much bigger than Oasis class will be built soon (well maybe the sister ship they started to build in france could be slightly bigger). The size begins to be the max to many ports and RCCL had to build many ports at the caribbean just for Oasis class.

    PS. Keep posting new stories and spotting ships. The more you know about the ships the more beautiful they get.