Friday, 12 July 2013

My Ship Photos II

In my last post I mentioned that I hadn't seen Mein Schiff 1 yet - now I have. She's one of the prettiest cruise ships calling this season, along with Celebrity ships and Aida ships. I saw her briefly on the 10th, and on the next day Aidabella called, making it a first for me to see her as well. The reason why I haven't seen her yet is simple - I haven't got around to it, because she doesn't visit as regularly as her slightly larger fleetmate Aidamar. It's very easy to remember that Monday is Aidamar day.

Mein Schiff 1 (german for My Ship) in all her glory

Finlandia passing by

Finlandia: Oh, are you taking pictures?

Finlandia: Take a picture of me, I'm pretty too!

Finlandia: Grrr get out of the way, I'm prettier than you!
Finlandia: Why were you taking pics of her anyway?

Mein Schiff 1: *sob*

The next day, we had so many ships that it was very hard to take pictures of them all. It was not only a day with lots of cruise ship calls, but also the first ships had already arrived for the upcoming Tallinn Maritime days.

Carnival Legend and Silver Whisper

Carnival Legend

The best I got of Artania


Silver Whisper

Aidabella peeking

Some features on Carnival Legend

Her name is Libava, although we liked to call her Latvian Pride, for obvious reasons

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