Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wintertime wonderings

The middle of the winter is here, my major cruisings are done for a while and there's not much exciting going on now - many ships are docked or laid up, not many people are travelling. I feel like I've sent off the Christmas / New Year season well, managing to spot every irregular but one, and the Cinderella crossing I described in my last post feels like a big event I was extremely lucky to attend. She was only here for three weeks, afterall. Here's some pictures I managed to take during the season.

Silja Festival in Old City Harbour. After finishing her seasonal cruises she is now back in Paljassaare.
Karolin and Merilin of Linda Line standing at their usual terminal spots. They will probably be drydocked when it gets colder, as they have no ice class.
Princess Maria on her fleetmate's spot.
A better view. 
A piece of history

Recently Viking Line announced that next summer Mariella and Gabriella will make short trips to Tallinn instead of staying in Helsinki all day. That has left me wondering what to do. I have been planning a trip on Silja Serenade, but just as I didn't let Cinderella go, I cannot let the chance of seeing Gabriella and Mariella go, either. That means I'm now planning at least two ship trips. It also means that I probably won't travel again until next summer, but it looks like the wait will be well worth it. I'm expanding my range and the next steps from there would be exploring the Turku and Riga ships. 

The other thing I'm impatiently looking forward to is the cruise season. May is not so far away anymore and soon I will see my beloved cruise ships again. It feels weird to think that they're all scattered around the world right now.

Celebrity Constellation

Norwegian Star
Mein Schiff 1

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