Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Of the past and the future

Although it's now more than two weeks since Discovery called and many ships have visited, I haven't seen any, mostly because either the timing or the weather or both have been rather awful. I have been making plans, which I like to do a lot. Still, I haven't made any long-term travelling plans whatsoever, and at this point I'm not able to. But I have determined that I'll be taking advanced practical sailing courses in late June, which is just as exciting, if not more.

The Eckerö Line interview I briefly mentioned in my last post went very well. I was warmly welcomed by the head of the Estonian branch Katrin Sirk, who told me many interesting things about the history of the route and the company, showed me potentially useful sources and gave me a big book about the company. I'd like to point her out as a great example on how to be nice to people, not to mention that I'm very grateful.

Today the results were released of a study on the non-financial results of different companies; an article I read about it focused on Finnish customer satisfaction with the major ferry operators on the Gulf of Finland. It turned out that Eckerö Line has the highest customer satisfaction rate. In the light of this news I'm glad that I'll be finally giving them a first try in less than two weeks. In fact, I'll spend a weekend in Helsinki and use Finlandia for both crossings.


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