Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Estonian Maritime Academy II

Today the doors were open at the Estonian Maritime Academy again. Obviously, I was there. Again.

This year it was very different compared to last year. Since the academy will be united with Tallinn University of Technology, the event connected the whole university and instead of the long lecture, there was a fair-like thingy, where I could learn about all the opportunities they offer. I didn't really expect that, and thus turned up right at the beginning. Most of the time I spent chatting with the nice people at the Maritime Academy stand, tying some knots, learning more about the future of the institution etc. Had I known that the event was going to be different, I would've turned up later though - I ended up having to find something to do until the bus took us to the building of the academy. 

This little guy was lurking around at the fair, smiling and waving to people. When one of the cadets blocked his camera, he lowered the iPad on top (at least I think it was an iPad or smth?) and we had a little laugh. When I wanted to take a picture of him, I felt a strange temptation to tap him on the shoulder. I'm not quite sure if he was really cool, or a little bit creepy - especially when he stared at me for like a minute. 

After the fair, as I mentioned, we were taken to the building of the Academy and shown the bridge simulators. Last year they still had some programming bugs and the rooms smelled like restoration works. This year the simulator was well improved with many different real ships and areas available, and it still smelled like restoration works. I got to drive a coast guard patrol boat out of the harbour - after crashing it into a pier. ☺

On the bridge of Silja Festival, in icy waters, near a burning tanker.

All in all, I had a lot of fun. Now I only have one year left to reconsider, which I probably won't, because I've already had a year to do it and I still haven't.

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