Monday, 17 March 2014

In the meanwhile

It's been about a month since my last update, and although it may seem like I haven't done much, that's not the case. I've done some little shipspotting, mainly with the goal to get some proper photos of the regulars. Some more, like Victoria I for example, have gone through a docking.  I have started some serious work on my school research about the history of passenger ship traffic between Tallinn and Helsinki since 1965. To make conclusions about the current situation, I have opened up a poll - if you haven't answered yet, I'd greatly appreciate if you did so here.

Do you like Silja Europa? 
Or perhaps Superstar?
I'm also quite proud of myself, because I've got a job in the meanwhile - quite a nice one, in fact. The people there are really nice, the work itself is fun, the atmosphere is awesome and getting paid for it is like a really sweet extra that comes with it. So, should any of you find yourself in Tallinn - or if you live here - head over to Olde Hansa the medieval restaurant and have a taste of delicious almonds made at the spot. You may even find me right there. Maybe. ☺

But the greatest news of them all is that I'm going to Helsinki again on Friday. It will be the first day cruise I'll be doing alone, also I'll get to see if anything at all has changed on Viking XPRS during and after her recent docking. It's also by far the most spontaneous trip I've ever had - I booked it two days ago after seeing a sweet offer of 15€ per face for a day cruise, with the condition of at least one minor in the company. Nothing was said about any adults though, and I'm in my last 6 months of minority now. Lucky.

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