Tuesday, 1 April 2014

[April fools] New page

It's now been more than a year I've been into ships, and I've had some great times.

Visiting some beautiful ships, like Victoria, ...
...Silja Europa, ...
... Cinderella
Seeing my favourite ship up close
Enjoying vast amounts of ship goods
Learning all about the maintenance of big ships
Learning to operate small ships
Finding out about the possibilities to pursue a marine career
And with all that, I'm starting to feel like it's time to move on. I've had so much to do with the sea recently that it's starting to feel like too much. 

The whole ship thing is probably not for me after all - it all feels a bit too difficult, too.. masculine. And heck, even if I would continue in the same field, it's not like I'll ever get to do everything I want to anyway. 

Therefore I've decided to move towards a whole new direction from now on. I'll be packing my bags, wiping off the dust of Europe and moving to Australia in the next month or so. Although Australia is also a good place to continue a ship life, that will not be the case, because recently I've been much more interested in fashion, especially that of Australia. 

This blog will, therefore, become a fashion and beauty blog from now on. Exciting times ahead!

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