Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Experience: Juku

Yesterday I had a rather spontaneous sea trip after helping some acquaintances out with advertising the ship. The trip itself, which was a neat, almost perfect circle in Tallinn Bay, wasn't anything special enough to make up for a separate blog post, but the ship was.

Neat round

Juku, first built in 1954 as a fishing boat, was almost totally rebuilt into a training vessel between 1976 and 1982. When I stepped on board, it felt as if time had stopped in 1982. Despite serving several purposes ever since, most notably transportation between the center of Tallinn and Aegna island until 2013, little seems to have changed ever since. Juku has three masts and can hold 7 sails, although that hasn't been seen for a long time - I failed to find any pictures. The distinctively noisy machinery isn't very powerful either, so the top speed remains a single digit.

The mandatory bow picture before boarding
Leaving the Pirita harbour
Leaving the Pirita harbour II
Princess Anastasia leaving
The bridge
Captain's cabin. Pardon the visible altering; the original photo was way too dark.
Crew cabin
Machine room. While at sea it was nowhere near as noisy as on the Gann, but apparently the generator alone is still noisy enough to require hearing protection.

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