Friday, 31 July 2015

Gymnaestrada camp Day 11 - Final goodbyes and homecoming

The very final day started with a half asleep goodbye hug to Carolina and Lucia who were leaving to catch their flight, and then after some more sleep and plenty of time to rise and shine we had the final lunch at Chapman at midday. Despite having been seriously overfed during the camp, I ate a lot because the food was unusually delicious.

After our lunch we headed to Helsinki to join the party organized for volunteers at the Get Togeter Area. We were offered free drinks and I, being the only adult among those who were still there (besides the teachers of course), chose to have a glass of wine. There was lots of chatting and hugging, the band at the party was really good (today's song being one of the many they played), there was also delicious food offered (alas I was unable to have much by then) and I didn't really feel like leaving. Nevertheless I had agreed to meet up with Matti and as it turned out, I was the first from the rest who had to leave. So I started my long round of final hugs, at one point the wine kicked in, making me shed a few tears, but after a bit I gathered my strenght and left.

After I met up with Matti, we decided to go to his place (where I was offered even more delicious food!) and after getting there it soon became evident that catching the ship back to Tallinn that same night would've been too much, so we booked the last Viking XPRS for the next day and I stayed the night. The drive all the way to the Katajanokka terminal via Mannerheimintie the next evening meant that I saw every place I had been to during the camp (except Messukeskus) once more, and seeing the ferry sail through Kustaanmiekka strait, giving a nice view of Suomenlinna made me a little emotional.

When I got to the harbour, my ride was already waiting
Suomenlinna and the namesake ferry
During the journey, I chose to not be too sad, instead I went looking around the ship's stores and ended up going home with a new pair of shoes that I had been drooling over ever since my  first trips on the Viking XPRS years ago. 

To my fellow campers and everyone involved - it's hard to find good words to express myself, but I'll try; the 10 days I got to spend with you guys were the most fun I've ever had in my life (and my life has been a lot of fun so that's something!); I'm so happy I could be a part of this and that I met you all. I love every single one of you to bits and I've grown to miss you a lot. I hope that you're all doing well and that we'll meet again. Thank you so much for doing this!

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