Monday, 27 July 2015

Gymnaestrada camp Day 7 - Midnight Sun

The first half of the 7th day was quite the usual, except for the fact that our usual 8:40 ferry departure was served by Tor instead of the usual Suokki; to me it was the first and so far the last time on board. I was working in Töölö once again, however since every single corner of all the areas was in tip top condition it meant there really wasn't anything at all to do.
Elina also kept coming back to remind us to take breaks, so I chose to lay on the grass and try to absorb as much as possible of the sunshine we were having that day, as well as chat with Xandra, Lindsay and Atoumata who were also there. At one point I participated in a parkour workshop at Get Together Area, which involved jumping over some obstacle and then down from the stage. When I had already taken a lot of breaks and had lunch, as insited by Elina, I had nothing wiser to do than to pick out a cliff that was within my area and clear it of cigarette butts.

The upper deck of Tor
Mandatory funnel photo
Silver Whisper
.. and some dudes rowing a boat next to her..
... because why the heck not?
Me just casually walking off the stage at Get Together Area...
...and just as casually taking selfies with Tarja Halonen. 

After work we were given quite a lot of free time in Helsinki, which I spent looking around in different stores with Oskar, including a paper store on Runeberginkatu I had spotted from tram window the day before. After the free time our group gathered again and went for a dinner at Arthur, which was quite decent. We could choose between a hamburger, pasta and soup. I chose hamburger, but since I was quite overfed by then I took far too long to eat it and at one point my half eaten hamburger was taken without me noticing.

Having finished (or forcefully put to finish in my case) our dinner, we headed to the Olympic Stadium for the Midnight Sun Special, which was definitely the best of all shows I saw during the Gymnaestrada - two performances featuring the music of Nightwish plus the mandatory Gymnaestrada dance plus mat gymnastics plus fireworks at the end plus actual midnight sun shining the whole time. I really didn't feel like it was lacking anything.

Perfect weather

Suvi and Sisu the Gymnaestrada 2015 mascots
From near or far, come as you are!

The whole stadium dancing the official dance

And to top off the great day we were told that we could come in for work a whole hour later starting from the next day - for doing such a good job. Nevertheless I didn't feel like staying up for too long.

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