Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Gymnaestrada camp Day 2 - The Suomenlinna day

The 2nd day started with a guided tour in Suomenlinna. After the tour we were given a first introduction to our voluntary work and we also received our uniforms, which of course called for a group photo. After that we were given some free time which I spent walking with Sonja from Finland and Oskar from Poland, as well as watching Gabriella sail in from Tallinn.

The Suomenlinna drydock, my favourite part of the tour
Mainly used to store ships without ice class over winter

Bunkering vessel Lotus underway

Gabriella on her way in

It's official!
After the free time we had dinner, which was very tasty good quality hamburger and french fries. Every lunch and dinner that we had in Suomenlinna was at Café Chapman, and in addition to that it was possible to have breakfast and late evening snacks at the hostel, which I mostly skipped because I was feeling quite overfed.

After the dinner we were randomly divided into teams of four to have a few competitive games. I was in a team with three french girls, and being a french speaker myself as well, I suggested the team name to be Femme Fatale, which was accepted. Firstly we had to throw matchsticks into a bucket from a distance, then run a set distance and back in pairs, carrying a ball between the chests. After that one of us had to act like some kind of animal and the rest had to guess. Then we headed inside where we were given a quiz about Finland as a part of the first international evening. On the international evenings every country from which our group members were was somehow introduced and the first evening was, as mentioned, about Finland. One of the questions in the quiz was about recognizing the band behind a song, which to my great joy turned out to be Sleeping Sun by Nightwish, which is the reason why I chose this song for this day.

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