Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Gymnaestrada camp Day 8 - Nothing special, keep scrolling

A week had passed since our arrival when we were all very happy to wake up a whole hour later and catch the ferry at 9:40. Therefore we arrived at our areas, mine still in Töölö, a whole hour later and our shift was shorter.
During my first patrol it took me about an hour to clean up a dressing room that was in a terrible condition, then it was already time to have lunch, another patrol, tea break and over it was.

Taking the later ferry gave a lovely view on the Silja Serenade as she came in
Gabriella again
The show during my lunch at Get Together Area was really great that day

After work there was no more business for us left in Helsinki for the day, so we headed straight back to Suomenlinna, where we were to be introduced to a simple game known as Finnish baseball. At first we practiced pitching for a while, then throwing for another while, and then catching for one more while, until we were finally somewhat ready to make a feeble attempt at actually playing the game, proving that the game wasn't all that simple. 

Street art in Helsinki

And just some normal people in the city minding their own business

Voyager came in later that day
When the time was right we went to have dinner straight from the field. After dinner Diego taught us some more about saving the environment, this time about keeping the water consumption low. Following that we had our usual evening meeting, which was quite emotional, bloody, sweaty and teary this time because we were offered a chance to switch workplaces. After a while of discussion everyone got what they wanted and the final international evening could start. At first, Lucia and Carolina from Italy made a quiz about Italy and gave some delicious cookies to everyone who got right answers. Then it was Oskar's turn and he spoke about the history of Poland related to the countries our group members were from. Then he offered delicious Polish sausage and sweets to all of us. With that our scheduled day was over, and since it was still somewhat early I went on a walk with Oskar. I was hoping to catch the Viking XPRS outbound, but for that we left too late. 

However we did meet that same sweet little kitty again!

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